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Tadahiro Makise Masutado a revolutionary hair care system from 10 MED and partners

10 MED together with its partners Makise Lifeup Laboratories and Librederm Laboratories have successfully completed the development of the revolutionary Tadahiro Makise Masutado hair care system in Okinawa, Japan.

The Tadahiro Makise Masutado Hair Care System is a unique range of premium quality hair products developed in Dr. Tadahiro Makise’s laboratory on Okinawa Island.

Dr. Makise’s research focuses on how to protect the human body from premature aging, maintain skin’s natural beauty and take care of hair and teeth. 

It was no accident that the scientist chose the island of Okinawa for his research. The tropical island is known for a large number of long-livers. There are also hardly any bald people on Okinawa, although a third of men in Japan suffer from baldness. 

Makise believes the secret of the islanders lies in its incredible nature. 

To protect themselves from the harmful effects of the sun, Okinawa plants produce special photochemical elements and large amounts of antioxidants.

Dr. Makise’s research helped create the Tadahiro Makise Masutado hair restoration system, a revolutionary system that allows entire reconstruction of the hair structure.

Tadahiro Makise Masutado products are based only on natural ingredients tested in Japan and Russia. 

A patented complex Keratron affects hair structure and hair follicles at molecular level. As a result, hair regains its shine, colour, strength and elasticity.

According to cosmetologists, the hair restoration system Masutado, developed by Dr. Tadahiro Makise is the best way to add long-lasting volume to the hair.

The Tadahiro Makise Masutado system will appear on the Russian market this autumn.