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About Miralin

Igor Sivovv is a successful businessman, loving husband and the father of three children. He mentioned that his wife Niusha, a singer and composer, spends much time searching for really good skin care products. She always selects cosmetics very carefully but sometimes the result is not worth the money and the time spent. Looking good is the most important for her.

Therefore Igor came up with an idea to create luxury cosmetics with the best safe and effective ingredients for his beloved spouse. Igor consulted professional experts including Alona Eco @alona_eco, the best specialist in natural cosmetics at Oldenburg University, to help in creating recipes.

In this way the Miralin brand was created.

Miralin is produced in Russia

  • Security and efficiency

Only herbal natural ingredients are used

  • Antiallergic

Does not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes, fragrances and silicones

  • Lack of animal testing

Ingredients and cosmetics are tested by advanced methods in laboratories without harming animals

  • Nice texture

Special attention is paid to fragrance and texture to make them more attractive for our customers

  • Environmentally friendly

Packaging does not contain aluminum. We seek to a complete usage of biodegradable packaging and glass. We are concerned about nature and are thankful for everything it gives humanity