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For distributors

Open new avenues for your business thanks to the partnership with 10 MED! 

Cooperation with partners is very important for the growth in a rapidly changing market, and that is why we tend to maintain long-term trusting relationships. The efficiency and success of our distributors is our success and our future! 

Based on long-standing international experience in the European, Asian, and the Middle East markets, 10 MED is trying to achieve wide expansion in different regions of the world and turning the relations with partners into a real friendship for a better understanding of foreign markets and searching for new opportunities for mutual development!

Benefits of working with 10 MED

We tend to provide the maximum possible support level to our partners to increase their profits and strengthen their position as an innovator in the medical market.

Comprehensive cooperation with a distributor includes seminars, conferences, and online webinars for customers via carefully designed training programs in the field of physiotherapy and cardiology.

Cooperation with 10 MED is:

  • intellectual leadership and technical expertise – you work with unique innovative products;
  • winning marketing strategies and adaptation to local market realities;
  • understanding of new business opportunities and trends in the medical market;
  • extended support level to increase user satisfaction;
  • extended warranty and maximum benevolence in resolving any possible issues of the customers;
  • competitive prices, flexible terms of payment and delivery, high level of profitability when working with our innovative products.

Become a 10 MED partner and you will get access to corporate resources, all the necessary information for successful sales, and 24/7 technical support that will help to create additional value for your customers. 

Make a sure ground and become the leader of 21st-century medicine with innovative 10 MED products!