National Exporter of medical products


VITAMIR is a young Russian brand of premium quality vitamins at affordable prices. A wide assortment, bright and memorable design, the highest quality of products made it possible to occupy a significant share in the Russian market in a short time and to start international expansion within 2 years after the launch of production.

At the moment, the VITAMIR brand is widely known outside Russia and is represented in the CIS (Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus), the EU (Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries), the Middle East (Iraq, UAE) and Asia (China, Japan).

Vitamin complexes VITAMIR are produced in Russia according to the highest quality standards. We offer the production of VITAMIR products (more than 50 names of vitamins and vitamin complexes) also under the brand name of a distributor with an existing or unique design, fantastic distribution conditions that ensure a high level of profitability and a strong positions in any market.

Vitamins are a source of health, and the VITAMIR brand is a source of growth and success for your company!