National Exporter of medical products


Mirrolla is a research and production company manufacturing dietary supplements, baby food and natural cosmetics for children and adults. Over 15 years the company has gained huge experience in developing these products from the gifts of nature itself, using the latest scientific knowledge.

Mirrolla has its own research lab, in which experienced scientists create unique formulas, based on natural plant components, using innovative technologies.

Mirrolla products are manufactured in modern, eco-friendly, high-capacity production facilities with the latest automated equipment.
The heart of the company’s production, Mirrolla Kuzmolovo, is located in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The company also has a remote factory in Gorny Altai.

Constant control over the full production cycle and cooperation with leading research institutes allow the company to produce high quality products that are fully compliant with safety standards.

Mirrolla’s range of products includes 1,000 items. The company’s production output is 50 million units per year.

Mirrolla carefully monitors the quality of its products and pays special attention to work with customers. That is how the company is able to offer modern products that meet the needs and demands of consumers.

Mirrolla products are available in more than 20 countries around the world.