National Exporter of medical products


The story of RANKEL brand began with a bold idea: to build a production of world-class beauty and health equipment in Russia combining achievements of leading Russian and international developers. As a result, the RANKEL brand was created in collaboration with Russian, Japanese, French, German, and Korean scientists.

We believe that health doesn’t have borders! 

We create consumer-friendly products with unique characteristics and nothing extra!

RANKEL is quality and ease of use:

  • we are ready to exchange your device for a new one in case of any manufacturing defect within 10 years from the date of purchase;
  • RANKEL can be successfully used even by an untrained user both in clinic and at home.


RANKEL is efficiency and safety:

  • we believe in the power of science and offer innovative products to our partners that help to solve important health problems and to have the leading position on healthcare market in your country; 
  • we use our products ourselves and we are really proud of them!


RANKEL is production effectiveness and ergonomics:

  • ease of use is an important distinguishing feature of all our products; 
  • during the process of manufacturing the RANKEL products, we use the most modern hardware components which provide the stability of product characteristics for a long time!

We believe that RANKEL technologies will help everyone due to their simplicity, ease of use and efficiency!