National Exporter of medical products


AVSystems is a Russian company that produces a prophylactic spray – a metabiotic with an antiviral effect.

AVSystems uses a new approach to antivirus prevention and protection.

The headquarters are in Moscow.
The AVSystems team consists of:

  • 17 microbiologists, nuclear physicists and chemists;
  • 23 highly specialized specialists in the field of business;
  • More than 50 outsourced employees.

The AVSystems team works to enable people live their lives without restrictions being protected against viruses.

AVSystems is based on the idea of using nature-like technologies to create products designed to protect people against viruses in ways that are safe for them. That’s why the products contain only natural ingredients and no chemicals. 

AVSystems pays great attention to the production base. That is why the most modern equipment is used in production, the spray is poured under aseptic conditions, and strict quality control is implemented at each stage of production. The company’s employees have specialized education and extensive practical experience.