National Exporter of medical products


Evalar is Russia’s No. 1 producer of dietary supplements. For 30 years, the leading experts of Evalar have successfully used traditional knowledge and scientific approach to create their products.

The company’s objective is to give everyone an opportunity to take care of their health, improve their quality of life, with natural, effective and modern remedies.

Evalar’s priority is to produce affordable pharmaceuticals and high quality dietary supplements.

Evalar products contain only organic raw components, which the company grows on its own plantations in the ecologically clean foothills of Altai or buys from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Strict control at all stages of production, can guarantee full compliance and high quality of its products.

Today Evalar manufactures more than 300 items of natural medicines and dietary supplements in different forms: tablets, capsules, infusions, drops, water-soluble drinks in sachets, filter-pack teas, oils, cosmetic products in tubes.

Millions of people already take care of themselves and their loved ones with the help of herbal products from Evalar. It is easier to preserve health than to restore it. Evalar is convinced that a balanced diet and regular consumption of vitamins is the best prevention for a lot of diseases.

Evalar is the optimal health from nature!