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VEGETABLE BEAUTY is a new line of highly effective cosmetic products developed on the basis of natural plant biocomponents.

Thanks to modern developments of Italian scientists, a high-tech research base and the highest production standards, the most natural and safe cosmetic products have been created under the VEGETABLE BEAUTY brand.

The history of creation of the VEGETABLE BEAUTY brand belongs to the Italian scientist, professor of chemistry Antonio Mazucco. While traveling around the outskirts of Milan, he came to a restaurant of farm cuisine, where each visitor received cosmetic masks from fresh vegetables as a gift. Antonio admired this simple idea and thought about creating natural vegetable cosmetics using modern technologies.

The first product of the brand was the VEGETABLE BEAUTY carrot mask.

Cosmetics without the use of parabens, silicones and mineral oils quickly gained public attention. The philosophy of VEGETABLE BEAUTY is simple ingredients obtained from eco-vegetables grown on Italian farms, light textures and noble aromas.

Today the VEGETABLE BEAUTY brand is represented by products for skin, body and hair care and is gaining popularity in the EU, Russia and former USSR countries, Asia (China, Japan) and the Middle East.

If your company is interested in the distribution of natural cosmetics, VEGETABLE BEAUTY is the ideal brand to expand your range. You can be sure of the quality and naturalness of every product and every ingredient.