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RANKEL Stress-Scanner

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Rankel Stress-Scanner is designed for assessment of health state, of influence of any kind of therapy on the body as well as for control of treatment efficiency. Due to USB-power Rankel Stress-Scanner can be used at any place. Patient may sit or lie. Rankel Stress-Scanner is very easy in use and can be managed by unqualified personnel.


  • ECG recording with real-time monitoring of functional state;
  • assessment of cardiovascular and vegetative nervous system by variance analysis;
  • assessment of body’s neurohumoral regulation and energy resources bу neurodynamic analysis;
  • assessment of current psychoemotional state using the method of brain Biorhythm mapping;
  • assessment of adaptation level and harmonization of Biological rhythms;
  • fractal analysis;
  • determination of patient’s Biological age;
  • assessment of functional state in accordance with the analytical models of the Indian medicine – diagnostics by chakras;
  • assessment of functional state in accordance with the analytical models of the Chinese medicine – diagnostics by meridians;
  • assessment of complex energy state of the body- aura;
  • simultaneous representation of results of 2 researches with their comparative analysis (possibility of assessment of influence of physiotherapy, sport exercises, medicines and health supplements).

Rankel Stress-Scanner RPO

Rankel Stress-Scanner RPO is a clinical laboratory in your pocket!

Features in addition to Rankel Stress-Scanner:

  • assessment of self-regulation level in Biofeedback mode;
  • monitoring in dynamic of changes of the functional conditions – health calendar and clock;
  • daily forecast of the psycho-physical activity in “Biological clock” mode, monitoring and forecast of а psychophysical condition of operators, dispatchers, pilots, drivers (is very important for power stations, police, banks, transport companies, taxi, airlines, can be used in recruitment business);
  • automatic evaluation of the PQRST parameters with the ability of manual correction;
  • estimation of the cardiovascular condition and neuro-humoral regulation according to the “golden section” on the ECG timing parameters;
  • medical card-file of an ambulatory with а built-in database on 15000 diagnoses;
  • controllable psycho-physiological therapy (“the dope effect”) in Biofeedback mode;
  • brain rhythms are extracted from the ECG signal, registered in а wide range of frequencies – no encephalogram is needed;
  • possibility to track the quality of restorative processes occurring in the body of sportsman, which allows to see balance between high loads and health preservation, significantly improve the efficiency of training, to predict the peak of fitness and sport and maintain it throughout the competition period.

Rankel Stress-Scanner Multi-user allows to conduct simultaneous examination of several patients bу one doctor (from 7 to 28 patients), which allows to organize rapid medical examinations and daily pre-shift examinations in large companies.

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