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RANKEL Smart Vet

RANKEL Smart Vet is a safe and effective assistant for your pet. The use of laser therapy in veterinary practice provides quick healing of wounds and relieves pain in animals. It stimulates cell regeneration and can be used in any accessible place, because it works on battery power.  The detailed methodological recommendations (steps of the procedures) comes standard with the device.

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RANKEL Smart Vet is a veterinary portable physiotherapy laser device. The device is suitable for use at home, as well as in veterinary clinics, hospitals, livestock farms and complexes. Its use does not require preliminary preparation of animals. The therapeutic effect is achieved after several sessions of therapy. Using RANKEL Smart Vet is absolutely safe for the body, doesn’t require direct contact with tissues and doesn’t associated with complex manipulations, including preliminary preparation of treated surfaces or anesthesia.

This is a tangible advantage of the method, since the painless effect on the affected area of ​​the animal significantly facilitates the work of the veterinarian.

The therapeutic effect of the device is achieved by the exposure of five-factors:

  • Pulse infrared laser radiation (905nm) – analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, decongestant effect, regulation of the hormonal profile;
  • Pulsating broadband infrared LED radiation (875nm) – warming, normalization of microcirculation, stimulation of of red blood cells’ and lymphocytes’ proliferation ;
  • Pulsating red light (650nm) – improving muscle tone, normalizing water-salt metabolism, activating collagen synthesis, reducing inflammation of connective tissue;
  • Pulsating blue light (460nm) – bactericidal activity, prevention of dermatological diseases, hemostatic effect, acceleration of skin healing;
  • Constant magnetic field (35mTl) – improvement of oxygen saturation of tissues, regulation of the membrane potential and improvement of the mitochondrial respiratory chain function.

The RANKEL Smart Vet uses three clinically proven wavelengths, as well as pulsating blue light and a constant magnetic field. Thus the device allows to perform painless manipulations and provides a deeper and better penetration of the irradiation into the therapeutic area of tissues in cats, dogs, birds, cattle, reptiles, fish and amphibians.
The device is designed for the treatment of areas of postoperative procedures, otitis, dermatitis, arthritis, and dental diseases. The approach is well suited for the prevention of granulomatous malignancies, feline asthma, diseases of the genitourinary system, mastitis and purulent infections.
Laser therapy with the RANKEL Smart Vet allows you to achieve a therapeutic effect after only one or two sessions, especially when its purpose is to relief of acute pain. However, a cycle of 10 treatment sessions may be required for some conditions, for example, granuloma or trichophytosis.

Delivery Set

The kit includes:

  • physiotherapy laser device RANKEL Smart Life
  • products passport
  • treatment guidelines
  • cable
  • safety glasses (2 pieces) 6
  •  nozzles:
    • nozzle for cosmetology procedures 4;
    • nozzle for treatment in gynecology апd proctology 1;
    • acupuncture 3;
    • nozzle for treatment in otorhinolaryngology and dentistry 2;
    • hair nozzle 5.

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