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RANKEL Smart Life

RANKEL Smart Life is a portable physiotherapeutic device for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. It is widely used in clinics, and at the same time it is also suitable for use at home. It allows to normalize the work of the hormonal, immune and nervous systems. Moreover this device also helps to reduce pain and improve the quality of life. RANKEL Smart Life has a five-component effect on the body, including transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is absolutely safe to use and has no contraindications.

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RANKEL Smart Life is a physiotherapeutic device for low-level laser therapy, which includes the function of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

The therapeutic effect of the device is achieved by the exposure of five-factors:

  • Pulse infrared laser radiation (905nm) – analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, decongestant effect, regulation of the hormonal profile;
  • Pulsating broadband infrared LED radiation (875nm) – warming, normalization of microcirculation, stimulation of of red blood cells’ and lymphocytes’ proliferation;
  • Pulsating red light (650nm) – improving muscle tone, normalizing water-salt metabolism, activating collagen synthesis, reducing inflammation of connective tissue;
  • Pulsating blue light (460nm) – bactericidal activity, prevention of dermatological diseases, hemostatic effect, acceleration of skin healing;
  • Constant magnetic field (35mTl) – improvement of oxygen saturation of tissues, regulation of the membrane potential and improvement of the mitochondrial respiratory chain function;
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – stimulation and restoration of nerve fibers, analgesic effect, stimulation of the release of enkephalins.

This therapeutic spectrum of effects allows to use RANKEL Smart Life in such medical fields as cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, dentistry, dermatovenerology, otorhinolaryngology, pulmonology, urology, etc.

Additionally the device belongs to the first class of laser safety and, unlike its analogues of classes 3 and 4, it does not pose a danger to the skin, mucosa and eyes during direct application.

Laser therapy is not only a component of symptomatic treatment, but also of pathogenetic treatment, because it improves the functions of organs and tissues. In some cases it acts as etiotropic treatment: it saves the patient from the cause of the disease.

In particular, the device has proven itself in the treatment of injuries, untreatable pain associated with dorsalgia, radiculopathy, arthritis. Due to the normalization of metabolic processes and the acceleration of tissue repair, laser therapy is also widely used in immunology and endocrinology, allowing to decrease the amount of prescribed drugs. Thereby this device provides a better approach to therapy.

RANKEL Smart Life laser devices are also suitable for the prevention of many diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, anemia, hair loss. It contributes to better healing of wounds and resorption of scars.

Delivery Set

The kit includes:

  • physiotherapy laser device RANKEL Smart Life
  • products passport
  • treatment guidelines
  • cable
  • safety glasses (2 pieces) 6
  •  nozzles:
    • nozzle for cosmetology procedures 4;
    • nozzle for treatment in gynecology апd proctology 1;
    • acupuncture 3;
    • nozzle for treatment in otorhinolaryngology and dentistry 2;
    • hair nozzle 5.

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