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RANKEL Cardiocode

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Rankel Cardiocode is the first in the world device, which can measure phase volumes of blood with the assessment of heart resources. In sport Cardiocode can evaluate functional training possibilities of athlete, check lactate and creatine-phostphate in the blood, identify the signs of possible sudden cardiac death.

Rankel Cardiocode is widely used by cardiologists, family doctors, health practitioners, ambulance, sport clubs and teams, hospitals and clinics, health screening.

This is a device, which measures synchronously ECG and rheogram and measures in automatic mode 7 parameters of hemodynamic:

  • SV – stroke volume, ml;
  • MV – minute volume, l;
  • PV1 – volume of blood entering ventricle in premature diastole, characterizing the suction function of the ventricle, ml;
  • PV2 – volume of blood entering the left ventricle in atrial systole phase, characterizing the contraction function of the atrium, ml;
  • PV3 – volume of blood ejected by the left ventricle in rapid ejection phase, ml;
  • PV4 – volume of blood ejected by the left ventricle in slow ejection phase, ml;
  • PV5 – volume of blood (a share of SV) pumped by ascending aorta as peristaltic pump, characterizing the actual tonus of aorta, ml.


  • fast and non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic;
  • measurement of the phase volumes of blood;
  • assessment of heart resources (first in the world!);
  • evaluation and prediction of functional training possibilities of athletes (first in the world!);
  • identify of signs of possible sudden cardiac death;
  • possibility of predicting of heart attacks and strokes (first in the world!);
  • assessment of psychological tension of the human conditions (first in the world!).

In addition, the following functions are evaluated qualitatively:

  • function of aortic valve;
  • elasticity of aorta;
  • expanding of ascending aorta;
  • narrowing of aorta mouth;
  • coronary flow status;
  • contraction function of myocardium and septum;
  • stenosis of large arteries available/not available;
  • peculiarities of aortic valve anatomy;
  • actual status of venous flow;
  • if pre-stroke conditions available/not available (first in the world);
  • synchronization in operation of greater and lesser circulation systems.

The synchronous registration of ECG and rheogram makes it possible to reach the highest level in cardiovascular diagnostics.

Please see attached booklet and detailed book «Theoretical principles of phase analysis of heart cycle», where most clinical cases and work with the device are described in details.

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