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Post-release: 10 MED took part in the xv pharmacy summit in Moscow

On September 15, 2020 10 MED together with Rublev-Media took part in the XV Pharmacy Summit “The new pharmaceutical reality in Russia and CIS” in Radisson Collection Hotel in Moscow.

More than 400 top managers of Russia’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy chains gathered in one place to discuss the prospects of the Russian pharmaceutical market development in the near future.

The range of services offered by 10 MED and Rublev-Media to promote Russian brands abroad generated genuine interest in most participants at the Pharmacy Summit. The Russian market of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products is no more than 1% of the global market, with most Russian manufacturers operating domestically. Very few market their brand internationally.

The joint project of 10 MED and Rublev-Media offers a wide range of prospects and new business opportunities to Russian companies. We can proudly say that we are the largest specialized exporter and agency to promote Russian brands in foreign markets. We hope that in the coming years, thanks to our joint efforts, more Russian companies will enter new markets in Asia and the Middle East, Europe and Africa, Central and Lain America.

We welcome cooperation with manufacturers of cosmetic products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and para-pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to expand your business into new markets.

10 MED + Rublev-Media – your new sales channel!