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10 MED starts collaboration with baby food and cosmetics brand MIROLLA

Despite the pandemic, 10 MED continues to promote Russian brands on foreign markets. In this regard, we are commencing our partnership with MIROLLA.

MIRROLLA – it is a brand of supplements, baby alimentation & cosmetics for kids and adults. We chose this brand for several reasons:

  • MIRROLLA cooperates with leading scientific research and development institutes,
  • It owns a laboratory, where a team of scientists create unique recipes for new products, 
  • MIROLLA is a well-established process for selection & monitoring of raw materials, 
  • The brand has ISO 22000 certification,
  • It has a high-powered ecological production line equipped with highly-automated equipment, 
  • And a comprehensive product range (<1000 SKU).

MIRROLLA is a combination of nature & unique scientific research. 

10 MED continues to search for and carefully select leading Russian cosmetic and healthcare products to promote them on foreign markets.