National Exporter of medical products


Baikal Aqua is a company producing drinking spring water from a unique natural source – Lake Baikal.

Crystal clear and beneficial water is extracted at a depth of 400 meters using a unique patented technology. Legend of Baikal preserves the health benefits of the lake’s water and makes it available to everyone.

The main secret of the Baikal water is its high content of natural oxygen – 12 mg/l. It boosts immunity and restores the body’s defence functions.

Baikal Aqua has its own facilities and a certified lab, which guarantees the high quality of its water. Compliance with environmental norms and standards is a priority to the company. The company’s experts fully control the manufacturing process – from water extraction to bottling and sale.

The goal of Baikal Aqua is to ensure reasonable use of water resources of the unique ecosystem of Lake Baikal for the benefit of all mankind. The company also promotes the idea of a healthy lifestyle.