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10 MED starts cooperation with unique Legend of Baikal water producer

10 MED has signed a partnership agreement with Baikal Aqua trading company. Baikal Aqua is a producer of Legend of Baikal, a natural drinking water from Lake Baikal – the largest and cleanest freshwater lake in the world. 

The water is extracted through a unique patented technology from a depth of 400 meters. It is then carefully purified and taken to the bottling line, maintaining its natural ultra-light mineralization. Due to a high content of oxygen (12mg/l), Legend of Baikal water benefits the immune system.

The composition of water in deeper layers of Lake Baikal has been stable and unaffected by atmospheric factors over the entire period of observation by the Institute of Limnology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Lake Baikal is a unique ecosystem that must be protected and preserved. That is why one of the main objectives of Baikal Aqua is to support and participate in environmental projects.

Baikal Aqua has a history of more than ten years. The factory for bottling drinking water was founded back in 1996. Having its own production and accredited laboratory allows the company to guarantee the quality of water at all stages, from bottling to sale.

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