National Exporter of medical products

10 MED participated at Kenya virtual expo 2021

10 MED participated at Kenya Virtual Expo 2021 that was held virtually from 19 to 21 of January 2021. Kenya Virtual Expo 2021 is an international multisector online fair. It is a global platform that aims to connect international companies to showcase their products and services with the developing market of Kenya & other East & Central African countries. 

The following industries took part in the exhibition this year: automotive and Industrial, beauty and cosmetics, building and construction, consumer and household, food and hotel supplies, medical and pharmaceutical, printing and packaging, safety, security, and more. Overall, 300 goods from 15 countries participated at the fair. 

Kenya Virtual Expo 2021 served as an excellent platform to connect industry leaders from different countries. The booths visitors could find all the necessary information about the company and have a chat online. The exhibitors could download all the necessary information to promote their goods: photos, manuals, tables, videos, and presentations. 

The market of Kenya and South Africa is one of the promising areas for 10 MED to promote its products. Kenya is known as the economic, commercial, and logistical hub of the East & Central African region. Its ports serve as a principal hub for the distribution of consumer goods for the six hundred million people population of the SA region & its market is one of the fastest developing.

One of the 10 MED´s principal marketing strategies during isolation of pandemic is participation in online-fairs. It is an alternative way to promote and market our products abroad. Due to the fast development of information technologies and their implementation, virtual fairs became a good substitute for offline mode fairs.