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10 MED, Elita Mineral Group and Artem Starostin to export Russian drinking water

10 MED together with the Elita Mineral Group water plant and Artem Starostin, chairman of the board of the All-Russian Association of Drinking Water Producers, launched the European Export Centre, a project for the export of drinking water to China and the Middle East. 

Elita Mineral Group is a Russian company from Zheleznovodsk engaged in bottling Caucasian mineral and drinking water, as well as the production of non-alcoholic, soft drinks. 

According to local authorities, mineral water exports from Stavropol Region alone account for 25% of all regional food and beverage exports. 

In 2020, Stavropol mineral water was shipped to 27 countries, including the US, Australia and Israel, according to RBC Caucasus.

10 MED believes that mineral and still water from Russia has an huge export potential and is undervalued in global markets.