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Latest news

25 August 2020 Exhibition plan for November 2020

Despite global lockdown that has affected many companies, 10 MED continues to participate in international events. In November our company will participate in two exhibitions.

30 July 2020 10 MED announces partnership with Bank Saint Petersburg

10 MED has fulfilled its obligations to foreign partners even in times of global coronavirus pandemic. We have continued international shipments to such countries as Japan, China, Iraq and are gradually returning to pre-crisis levels.

8 July 2020 Arab Health 2020 exhibition results

10 MED has been honored to participate in Arab Health 2020 healthcare exhibition on 27-30 January 2020 in Dubai. We have been the show’s exhibitor for the fourth time in a row. Arab Health is the largest annual event for medical brands and professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With more than 4,142 exhibitors from 170 countries and 57 thousand visitors this year, the exhibition showcases the latest medical technologies and innovations. We were delighted for an opportunity to meet with our partners and distributors to sum up the work that has been done in 2019 …

27 May 2020 10MED during the pandemic crisis

The global social and business isolation during Pandemic has led to unprecedented changes to the world economy. It is no secret that for some organizations crisis is challenging and for others it is time of growth and opportunities. It can be considered as catalysts for either emerging problems or future success. In this case only companies with the most flexible structure and business processes survive as they adapt to continuous market changes.